One tree hill chase

one tree hill chase

6. Aug. Chase Adams stößt im letzten Schuljahr zu der Clique in Tree Hill und ist Mitglied der sogenannten ‚Clean Teens', einer Gruppe von. One Tree. Alex überlegt, sich permanent in Tree Hill niederzulassen und verabredet sich auf ein Date mit Chase. Der bekommt eine SMS von Mia, die glaubt, es war ein. Wie wird Alex (Jana Kramer) reagieren, als Chase einen nächsten großen Schritt plant . Abschied (One Tree Hill ) Staffel 9, Folge 13 (42 Min.) Das „Tric“.

Greg 1 episode, Singing Girl 1 episode, Thadeus 1 episode, Technician 1 episode, Guitarist 1 episode, Cop 1 episode, Emanuelle 1 episode, Guy 1 episode, Wedding Photographer 1 episode, Amy 1 episode, Joan 1 episode, Kiki 1 episode, DJ 1 episode, Marla 1 episode, Lingerie Customer 1 episode, Stagehand 1 episode, Therapist 1 episode, Player 1 episode, Tara 1 episode, Oak Lake Coach 1 episode, Lemmy 1 episode, Girl 1 1 episode, Elvis Impersonator 1 episode, Opposing Coach 1 episode, Student 1 episode, Ticket Agent 1 episode, Marketing VP 1 episode, Cameraman 1 episode, Sorority Girl 1 episode, Audience Member 1 episode, Chairperson 1 episode, Dad 1 episode, Volunteer 1 episode, Doorman 1 episode, Bodyguard 1 episode, Frat Guy 1 1 episode, Stage Hand 1 episode, Tracy 1 episode, Hot Girl 1 episode, Airline Employee 1 episode, Frankie 1 episode, Maitre D 1 episode, Rachel 1 episode, MC 1 episode, Amazingly Cute Guy 1 episode, Reese 1 episode, Science Teacher 1 episode, Sales Girl 1 episode, Party Kid 1 episode, Bellman 1 episode, Fire Marshall 1 episode, Mediator 1 episode, Stripper 1 1 episode, Police Officer 1 episode, Shop Owner 1 episode, Officer 1 episode, Susan 1 episode, Photographer 1 episode, Alicia 1 episode, Tommy 1 episode, Counselor 1 episode, Scout 1 episode, Dane 1 episode, Large Guy 1 episode, Raven 1 episode, Jerome 1 episode, Mover 1 episode, Drunk Girl 1 episode, Stoner 1 episode, Homeless Man 1 episode, Courtney Smith 1 episode, Host 1 episode, Classmate 1 1 episode, DP 1 episode, Worker 1 episode, Distributor 1 episode, Bodyguard 2 1 episode, Nightclub Model 1 episode, Frat Guy 2 1 episode, Kate 1 episode, Mechanic 1 episode, Loud Drunk 1 episode, Lil 1 episode, Casey 1 episode, Springer 1 episode, Cheerleader 1 1 episode, Rocker 1 episode, Officer 2 1 episode, Energetic Girl 1 episode, Female Officer 1 episode, Cheerleader 2 1 episode, Stripper 2 1 episode, Jock 1 episode, Joe 1 episode, Randy 1 episode, Leah 1 episode, Reporter 1 1 episode, Waitress 1 1 episode, Carlton 1 episode, Boy 1 episode, Steve 1 episode, Hostess 1 episode, Karaoke Singer 1 episode, Caroline 1 episode, Tanya 1 episode, Falcon Rep 1 episode, Singer 1 episode, Bell Clerk 1 episode, Classmate 2 1 episode, Audio Guy 1 episode, Guy on Couch 1 episode, Frat Guy 3 1 episode, Pharmacist 1 episode, Waiter 1 episode, Exec Assistant 1 episode, Stoner 1 1 episode, Nurse Molly 1 episode, Tenia 1 episode, Girl 3 1 episode, Nervous Girl 1 episode, Punk 1 episode, Cheerleader 3 1 episode, Hans 1 episode, Hand 1 episode, Receptionist 1 episode, Farrell 1 episode, Cam 1 episode, Sad-Sack Man 1 episode, Bouncer 1 episode, Raven 2 1 episode, Policeman 2 1 episode, Officer One 1 episode, Limo Driver 1 episode, Kid 1 1 episode, Radcliff 1 episode, Sergeant 1 episode, Helbeck 1 episode, Teen Girl 1 episode, Young Brooke 1 episode, Zoran 1 episode, Kid 1 episode, Engineer 1 episode, Club Guy 1 episode, Amy Quinn 1 episode, Driver 1 episode, Masseuse 1 episode, Taggarro 1 episode, Perky Girl 1 episode, Sue 1 episode, Dunlap Brother 1 1 episode, Reporter 2 1 episode, Radio Announcer 1 episode, Travis 1 episode, TV Employee 1 episode, Violinist 1 episode, Interviewer 1 episode, Chad 1 episode, Track Worker 1 episode, Wallflower 1 episode, Officer Two 1 episode, Attorney 1 episode, Instructor 1 episode, PA 1 episode, Marino 1 episode, Elderly Guest 1 episode, Bully 1 1 episode, Drunk Man 1 episode, Onlooker 1 1 episode, Cinnamon 1 episode, Officer Bernstein 1 episode, Cop 2 1 episode, Sportscaster 1 episode, Eventually, Dan finds him and he ends up taking a bullet meant for Nathan which critically wounds him.

At the hospital, Haley tells Dan that Lucas refuses to come see him. Haley lets him hold Lydia and tells Dan that whenever Lydia asks about him, she and Nathan will tell her that he loved her and Jamie very much.

But what about me? After being betrayed by Lucas and Peyton twice she loses her will to love and enter relationships. Although she later forgives them and remains best friends with the two, she does not fall in love again until six years later when she met Julian Baker.

She owns a multimillion-dollar corporation, "Clothes Over Bros" which she founded while still in High School and originally co-owned with her mother.

Later on in the series, Brooke is attacked in her clothing store Clothes Over Bros by a man named Xavier who also murdered Quentin Fields.

Brooke has a turbulent relationship with her mother and is angry at the way her parents ignored her while she was growing up but are interested in her now she has money and a successful company.

She tells Brooke to go LA and tell Julian she loves him and to not let her inability to open her heart affect her - a trait she gets from Victoria, who was also responsible for causing it.

Brooke is now married to Julian. In season 8, she is almost arrested after Victoria and Millicent began forging documents for the company but Victoria faces the charges and goes to prison instead.

Brooke pays all the investors back by selling her company. She later turns down an offer to return as vice president.

Brooke and Julian decide to adopt a child, but shortly after, the mother changes her mind, Brooke discovers she is pregnant with twins. The twins, Jude and Davis, are fine, and Brooke and Julian continue to raise them.

He attacks her in a parking lot, but she is then saved by Tara. Later she forms a true family with both her parents, including her father: Robert Theodore Davis, and starts a new company; Baker Man.

Barry Corbin plays Brian Durham, also known as Whitey, as a series regular through seasons one to four, as a guest star for one episode in season five and as a special guest star for one episode in season six.

Durham was the Tree Hill Ravens basketball coach throughout seasons one to four, and also a source of wisdom and advice not only for the students of Tree Hill High, but occasionally the adults living in Tree Hill.

Whitey eventually left the Tree Hill Ravens, and during the time period between seasons four and five, he coached a college basketball team, before finally retiring, leaving the college team for Lucas to coach.

He was a mechanic and spent a lot of time teaching Lucas about cars. Keith was in love with Karen from their schooldays and despised the way his younger brother Dan had treated her when she became pregnant and had his son.

After Dan and Deb split up for a short time, Keith ended up sleeping with Deb. Dan was angry when he found out and accused Keith of always wanting his leftovers.

In revenge Dan hired Jules to make Keith fall in love with her and to stand him up at the altar. In season three, Dan shot Keith dead as he believed Keith had attempted to murder him in the dealership fire.

After he was killed Karen finds out that she is pregnant with his daughter Lilly Roe Scott. Following his death, Keith continued to have a lasting influence on Tree Hill and the lives of those who lived there.

He visited Lucas during his near death and haunted Dan while he was in prison. Played by Moira Kelly as a series regular from seasons one till four and as a special guest star in seasons five and six, Karen Roe is the single mother to Lucas Scott.

Lucas finds out that Karen lied to him when Dan tells him that he wanted joint custody of him and Karen refused. She is seen as a mother figure to Haley, often offering her support and advice.

When Brooke moves in with her and Lucas she also becomes a mother figure for her and somebody Brooke looks up to. After years she admitted her feelings for Keith and decided to marry him, however Keith is murdered by Dan before they can marry.

She later sells the Cafe and goes traveling the world with her boyfriend and later husband, Andy. Eventually, she is also joined by Lucas, Peyton and their daughter Sawyer and they travel with them.

Barbara Alyn Woods portrays Deborah "Deb" Lee, previously Scott, as a series regular from season one until season four and in season six, and as a recurring character seasons one, five and nine.

Deb later ends it as she believes he should have children and get married which she does not want to do again. Following this, Deb falls off the canvas, only to return to Tree Hill a few years later upon Nathan going missing.

During her return, she consoled Haley and confronted Dan and once he was hospitalized upon rescuing Nathan. Deb was able to find closure with Dan before his death.

Originally a recurring character during seasons one and two, he was upgraded to series regular status from the third season.

He becomes close friends with Brooke and Rachel. He at first stops speaking to her but forgives her in the end.

After the pressures of the modelling industry cause her to worry about her weight she begins to take drugs and rejects all her friends, including Mouth.

When Skills leaves for a new job in season 7, Mouth begins to date Lauren, which ends his friendship with Skills when he finds out.

Skills later forgives Mouth. Despite Lauren wanting to continue their relationship, Mouth refused as his friendship to Skills meant more to him.

At the beginning of season 8, Mouth and Millicent sleep together after getting drunk together at a bar discussing their problems and why they broke up.

During season 8, he and Millicent get a job as hosts of a talk show. In season nine, Mouth goes through a transformation by gaining around 50 pounds for his food reviews.

Mouth uses this to create a sporting scholarship in memory of Jimmy Edwards and Keith Scott. Also in the final episode, in the time jump, Millicent and Mouth are expecting a baby and both Mouth and Millicent are wearing rings on their ring fingers, indicating that Mouth and Millicent are married.

He begins to date Bevin Bevin Prince , a cheerleader but their relationship ended sometime in the time-jump between season 4 and 5 leading Skills to tell Jamie that relationships with women named Bevin end badly.

After initially saying nothing can happen, they sleep together and start a relationship. Deb later ends the relationship feeling he can do better and deserves to have children and get married, which she does not want to do again.

He moves to Los Angeles to start a new job but comes back as he cannot get over Lauren. Skills finds out Lauren and Mouth started dating while he was away but later forgives Mouth.

Played by Danneel Harris as a series regular in season four, along with a recurring role during seasons three, five and seven, Rachel Virginia Gatina was introduced as a bad girl and rival to Brooke Davis, before becoming good friends with Brooke and a friend to Mouth.

She was originally obese before undergoing plastic surgery treatments to alter her appearance before moving to Tree Hill.

In season four she tries to break up Nathan and Haley but fails which causes Haley to confront her. However, after finding her lying unconscious from an overdose in her private New York apartment, Brooke decides to bring her back to Tree Hill to look after her.

In season seven she returns and is married to Dan Scott and is the mastermind behind his Redemption TV series. After realizing the sort of person she is, Dan gives all his money to charity and divorces her, leaving Rachel with nothing.

He gets his middle name from his uncle and godfather, Lucas Scott. Jamie is often a shoulder to lean on for many of the characters and is shown to be very intelligent and cute.

He forms a close bond with his grandfather, Dan Scott, as he feels everyone deserves a friend. After Dan reveals to him he was the person who killed Keith, Jamie feels lost.

Lucas takes him to the auto shop where he grew up to tell him about Keith. Jamie later forgives Dan. Jamie is shown to be a good basketball player and has a strong friendship with Skills and Mouth.

Jamie is very fond of both Brooke and Julian, serving as best man at their wedding. He has had a very big interest in playing baseball, which grew after Julian gave Jamie a glove once worn by Roberto Clemente and he met ace pitching prospect Ian Kellerman.

He misses his uncle Lucas greatly and mentions this to his father often. In season eight, he gets braces for his teeth and has a growing attraction for female classmate Madison, allowing her to win the school spelling bee.

He also helps his father study for his college course. In season eight he becomes a big brother to Lydia Bob Scott.

He is seen to love his baby sister. When Lucas returns to Tree Hill, Jamie and Lydia leave with their uncle allowing Haley to relieve some stress as she awaits word on Nathan.

He and Lydia return after Nathan is rescued and Jamie is able to say goodbye to Dan before he dies. This causes her to worry about her weight. As the pressure became too much, she started using cocaine with her new modelling friends.

After help from Victoria and Alex, she gets her life back on track and moves back to New York to resume her position as Vice President of the company.

She assisted Victoria in forging documents for "Clothes Over Bros," causing Brooke to be arrested when it all came out.

Brooke says to her "the old Millie would have never done this. After "Clothes Over Bros" closes, she gets a job as a news reporter.

At the end of season eight, she and Mouth get their own talk show. Millie is tempted to become the co-host in a bigger market show but decides to stay with Mouth.

In the final episode, in the time jump, Millicent and Mouth are expecting a baby and she is wearing a ring on her ring finger, meaning that she and Mouth are married.

Played by Austin Nichols in a recurring note during season six and as a regular from season seven onwards, Julian Andrew Baker is a movie producer and director.

He has gone through life feeling as though he is never good enough as his father had never shown him that he is proud of his achievements.

When he first appears he begins a relationship with Peyton when she has broken up with Lucas. After he realizes she will never get over Lucas, he leaves her.

After getting back together, the gang take a trip to Utah where Julian proposes to Brooke. In season eight, he marries Brooke.

Julian and Brooke decide that they want to start a family, so they explore adopting. They meet a nineteen-year-old girl named Chloe.

Chloe then decides to give her baby to Brooke and Julian, but once she reconciles with her ex-boyfriend she decides to keep the baby, leaving Julian and Brooke heartbroken.

A few weeks later Brooke and Julian decide to move to New York until she discovers they are expecting a baby and decide to stay in Tree Hill.

The couple then found out they were expecting twins and after a fall while working they were delivered at seven months and put in a special care unit.

At the end of season 8, Julian and Brooke are seen playing at home with their sons, whom they named Jude and Davis. In season nine, Julian accidentally leaves Davis in the car on a hot day and feels extremely guilty for almost killing his son.

He carries the guilt around until Brooke forgives him, which allows him to eventually forgive himself. Julian plays a big part in saving Nathan, helping Dan to find and rescue him.

Julian also helps Brooke deal with Xavier coming back. At first Clay is shown as a flirt and fond of one-night stands. In his past, Clay was married to a woman named Sara who died suddenly, leaving Clay emotionally scarred and unable to let go of her.

Clay is a loyal friend and helps the Scotts through the Renee scandal but is fired once he fails to re-sign Nathan with the Bobcats. Quinn helps him get his job back and make peace with the loss of his wife so he can move on and the two fall in love.

Clay lingers between life and death with a gunshot wound to the chest and comes close to dying when his organs start to fail, but makes a miraculous recovery after a kidney transplant and awakens with Quinn at his side.

He later helps Nathan with a career as a sporting agent. We later find out that Clay in fact fathered a baby with Sara named Logan, who he later meets in a hospital while undergoing counseling for his disease.

In the final episode, Clay and Quinn get married and adopt Logan. She feels that her husband has begun to change and that they no longer have anything in common and later divorces him.

They later make things right before their mother dies of cancer. Quinn was the first one to be shot by Katie Ryan when she was heading to bed.

She and Clay are in limbo while fighting for their lives. Clay tells her that she has to wake up because she is needed, especially by Haley.

They confess their love for each other "Til kingdom come" before Quinn wakes up and makes a full recovery, but fears for Clay when Haley tells her that his organs are failing.

She visits Clay every day and he awakens with her by his side. Once they return home, Quinn is still haunted by the attack from Katie and keeps a gun hidden.

When Clay finds it, he tells her that she should go to Africa for a photography gig because that will save her.

She then visits Dan for help in killing her, but backs out at the last minute. Katie however, initiates an attack on Quinn when Clay is out of town but this time it is Quinn who shoots Katie.

In season nine, Quinn helps Clay with his mental problems and supports Haley when Nathan goes missing. In the final episode, Quinn and Clay get married and adopt Logan.

Portrayed by Jana Kramer since season seven, Alex Dupre, real name Alice Whitehead, was originally a recurring character, but was moved to starring in the fourteenth episode.

At first, everyone thinks she is a ditzy and promiscuous girl. She almost ruins her chances of working with Julian by making a move on him, but they later reconcile and begin to write a script for a movie.

She is fired by Brooke when it is revealed she exposed herself to Julian in her hotel room. Later on, Alex and Millie become quite close, and Alex also tries to become close to Julian.

When Julian refuses to be with her, she attempts suicide by slitting her wrists. She was hospitalized, and in a coma for a while, but she survives.

Eventually, she takes her own place in the Tree Hill crowd, and everyone accepts her. Whilst at the film festival to promote the film she made with Julian, she begins to develop a crush on Chase, who had just broken up with Mia.

On the last night, they kiss and then sleep with each other. In the season eight premiere, they have become a couple and Alex flaunts this in front of Mia while Chase teaches her how to bartend.

Chase breaks up with her after she lies to him about a new movie project. Alex and Mia later fight over Chase, before it is revealed that he wants to be by himself now.

At the end of the episode, she says to Quinn that even though the gang does not like her, she likes them and enjoys spending time with real friends, even though she is not their friend.

Quinn then tells her that she considers Alex a friend. Stephen Colletti portrayed Chase Adams in a recurring role from seasons four till eight, before being upgraded to a regular from the eleventh episode of season eight.

Brooke, after earning a high grade in a test by cheating, agreed to tutor Chase, who initially had no idea of how Brooke really got the grade and they begin to date.

When he found out that Brooke cheated he forgave her and they continued to date. He visited Brooke while she was setting up for the prom and told her that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend.

Chase later bumped into Brooke at school, he had been calling her after he heard about her being tied up by Psycho Derek. After a heartfelt confession, Chase and Brooke decided to get back together.

In the finale, Brooke and Chase took their relationship to the next level and had sex in the backseat of his car.

Chase said "it was the best 60 seconds" of his life. In the season seven finale Alex ask him out for a date and kisses him just before he receive a text message from Mia wanting to get back together.

Since they came back from the Utah he is now dating Alex. In the fifth episode of the eight season, he breaks up with Alex because she lied to him about a new movie project.

Alex and Mia then fight over Chase, before it is revealed that because of their decisions he no longer wants to be with either and is instead choosing to be by himself.

In Season 9, Chase becomes friends with Chris Keller. Chris Keller is portrayed by Tyler Hilton in a recurring role during seasons two, three and four and as a series regular in season nine.

Chris is talented but also very egotistical to the point of referring to himself in the third person. He later shows up for the auditions to perform at TRIC.

He returns in the third season when Nathan asks him to help Haley with her song writing. However the two become stranded with no money, leading Chris to sell his guitar to pay the studio.

He then leaves Tree Hill on good terms with Nathan. He later appears while the gang are in Honeygrove rescuing Mouth. In season 9, Chris returns, having used an alias to trick Haley into hiring him as a new partner at the recording studio.

He still refers to himself in the third person and believes both Haley and Alex are attracted to him despite their denials.

Chris helps Dan save Nathan by causing a distraction and killing one of the guards, allowing Julian to go home but Julian stays. Chris runs away after killing the guard leaving Dan and Julian doing everything else.

He returns after months on the run, convinced the gang who kidnapped Nathan is after him and jarred to discover no one even noticed he was gone.

Haley approaches him and offers him the chance to sign to Red Bedroom Records as their newest artist. Tyler Hilton was awarded the role for playing his song Glad with Mark Schwahn seeing that he was right for the part by the first chorus.

The following is a list of characters that are, or at one time were, a recurring guest on the series; they are listed in the order that they first appeared on the show.

Its greatest talent ever was Dan Scott, who now runs a successful car dealership. Written by KGF Vissers.

This show really will appeal to the teenage audience, and young adults and it is very plot driven to this age range. The show deals with a lot of sensitive issues that teenagers face such as: The show is set in the fictional town of One Tree Hill and it stars: The actors and actresses cast in these young roles really are the eye candy of the show.

They all put in good performances and are totally believable in their roles. Backing up the cast are a set of adult actors and actresses and these really add another depth to the show.

Paul Johansson Dan Scott and Moira Kelly Karen Scott deserve mentions as they put in great performances as the respective struggling single mother and evil father of the boys.

The adult actors really shine in this show and they help to make the characters interact as well as the children on the show. Underneath the shows skin is the running pulse of the conflict between long-lost brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott and that is what the whole show is built on.

This show works so well is because it allows the adults as much air time as the teenagers and this lets the viewers care much more about all the characters, not just the teenage ones.

The characters are nearly all beautiful, teenage girls will droll over the eye candy of Lucas and Nathan and the teenage boys will droll over Brooke and Peyton.

But the fact is that these characters are all very well written and it means that the audience identifies and likes each of the characters in their own unique way.

They are certainly not two dimensional characters and as the actors and actresses can act means they are believable. One Tree Hill is one of the most underrated shows on Television, and this is due to the fact that most people dismiss this show at first hand because they compare it with other teenage shows such as The OC and thats not really fair.

This show has some human like quality that makes the show seem down-to-earth and relevant to many people. It does not have the fan base popularity that other teenage shows have, but it nevertheless has a very loyal set of viewers who tune in every week to watch the latest comings and goings on in Tree Hill.

But the show always churns out consistently good episodes and this means it is much harder to judge how good the show really is in its genre. If you want to see a good solid teenage drama that deals with real issues, in a human way, this is the show for you.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott trade between kinship and rivalry both on the basketball court and in the hearts of their friends in the small, but not so quiet town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.

Karen kreeg een dochtertje genaamd Lily Roe Scott. Het werd een emotioneel gesprek tussen die twee. En Lucas is de peter van het kind van Nathan en Brooke is de meter.

Nathan vraagt aan Lucas een herkansing in seizoen 1 hadden Nathan en Lucas een een-tegen-eenmatch. Lucas neemt de uitdaging aan, maar dit keer zijn ze vrienden.

De serie speelt zich vier jaar na seizoen 4 af. Nathan en Haley wonen samen met hun 4-jarige zoon Jamie in Tree Hill. Haley begint aan haar loopbaan als lerares op Tree Hill High.

De avond dat dit wordt gevierd raakt hij echter betrokken in een vechtpartij waarbij hij uit het raam wordt gegooid.

Een stuk glas belandt in zijn rug, waardoor hij tijdelijk verlamd raakt aan zijn benen. Omdat hij nooit meer professioneel zal basketballen, begint hij hevig te drinken.

Niet alleen wordt hij depressief, maar ook komen er barsten in zijn huwelijk met Haley. Daar zij het moeilijk vindt haar baan te combineren met het moederschap neemt zij een oppas in dienst, genaamd Carrie.

Peyton is na haar schooldiploma naar Los Angeles verhuisd in de hoop om door te breken in de muziek. Na vier jaar heeft ze het echter nog niet ver geschopt.

Brooke wordt ondertussen een bekende kledingontwerpster, die veel succes heeft in New York. Ze wordt begeleid door haar moeder Victoria , een kille en onsympathieke zakenvrouw die zich pas bemoeide met haar dochters leven toen ze succesvol werd.

Na een telefoontje van Peyton verhuist ze onmiddellijk naar Tree Hill, waar ze een nieuwe locatie van haar modelijn opent. Lucas wordt een bekend auteur, zijn eerste boek was een aardig succes maar zodra er een tweede boek gaat verschijnen heeft hij geen inspiratie en keert terug naar Tree Hill.

Daar wordt hij tevens de coach van de Ravens. Mouth is nog steeds alleenstaand en woonachtig in een appartement met Skills. Skills wordt de assistent-coach van de Ravens.

Het vijfde seizoen richt zich vooral op de driehoeksverhouding tussen Lucas, Peyton en Lindsey Strauss. Ze zijn al tijdenlang een gelukkig koppel, maar hier komt verandering in na de komst van Peyton.

Zij is aanvankelijk teruggekomen om Lucas voor zich terug te winnen en heeft nog duidelijk chemie met hem. Lucas vatte dat op als een afwijzing, waarna de twee contact met elkaar verloren.

Lindsey voelt zich bedreigd door de komst van Peyton, maar probeert zich vriendelijk op te stellen. Echter, al snel blijkt dat de twee niet met elkaar overweg kunnen, hetgeen op een avond resulteert in een grote ruzie.

Op een gegeven moment zoent Lucas met Peyton. Hij wil trouw blijven aan Lindsey en doet nog dezelfde avond een huwelijksaanzoek.

Lindsey was aanvankelijk van plan om hem die avond te verlaten, omdat ze merkte hoeveel hij nog voor Peyton voelde, maar ze accepteert zijn aanzoek.

Ze laat hem echter staan bij het altaar, met uitleg dat ze denkt dat Peyton de enige ware voor hem is. Hij probeert haar nog terug te winnen, maar heeft geen succes.

Als hij merkt dat Haley op het punt staat hem te verlaten door zijn buien, betert hij zijn leven. Hij probeert Quentin Fields , een arrogante speler uit het team van Lucas, het een en ander bij te brengen over basketbal en wordt hierbij vaak geconfronteerd met zijn verloren glorie.

Hij krijgt een goede band met Carrie, die verliefd op hem wordt. Hij maakt haar duidelijk dat ze nooit samen kunnen zijn, maar staat haar geflirt toe.

Op een avond springt ze bij hem onder de douche. Hij stuurt haar weg, maar wordt betrapt door Haley voordat Carrie weg kan gaan. Haley zet hem onmiddellijk uit huis en vraagt een scheiding aan, ondanks zijn pogingen tot uitleg.

Vervolgens stelt ze Deb aan als de nieuwe oppas. Uiteindelijk gaan ze in therapie en wordt hun huwelijk gered. Haley volgt haar advies en neemt een tweede album op bij Peytons eigen platenmaatschappij, die wordt gesubsidieerd door Brooke.

Eerder had Peyton zangeres Mia Catalano geholpen met haar grote doorbraak. Ondertussen wordt Brooke door haar vrienden aangemoedigd om haar zakenrelatie met Victoria te breken, omdat zij genadeloos is en Brookes zelfvertrouwen naar beneden haalt.

Brooke wil dit aanvankelijk niet doen, omdat ze nooit eerder in haar leven een band heeft gehad met haar moeder en blij is dat zij eindelijk aandacht aan haar schenkt.

Als duidelijk wordt dat Victoria zich enkel met het bedrijf bezighoudt en nog steeds geen waarde hecht aan haar persoonlijke relatie met Brooke, ontslaat ze haar eigen moeder.

Ze is vastberaden om zelf wel een goede moeder te worden en adopteert een meisje met een zwak hart, Angie genaamd. Na een geslaagde operatie moet zij met veel verdriet weer afscheid nemen van het kind, dat terugkeert naar haar biologische ouders.

Een ander verhaallijn richt zich op Dan, die ondanks protest van Lucas en Nathan wordt vrijgelaten van de gevangenis.

Hij probeert zijn leven opnieuw op te bouwen, maar niemand wil nog iets te maken hebben met hem. Een enige uitzondering is Jamie.

Hij was aanvankelijk bang voor hem, maar ziet Dan als held nadat hij hem redde uit de handen van Carrie, die hem tijdens de bruiloft van Lucas en Lindsey had ontvoerd.

Haley probeert te voorkomen dat Jamie zijn grootvader leert kennen, maar merkt dat ze hierdoor steeds meer van hem vervreemdt.

Om die reden geeft ze uiteindelijk toe aan zijn wens om Dan te leren kennen. Niet veel later komt Dan tot de ontdekking dat hij hartproblemen heeft.

Als hij geen harttransplantatie krijgt, zal hij over zes maanden overlijden. Niemand lijkt te treuren om zijn nieuws en Lucas vermoedt dat hij liegt.

Ondertussen is Lucas in een depressie beland nadat hij kreeg te horen dat Lindsey een nieuwe partner heeft. Hij reageert zich tijdens een wedstrijd af op een speler uit het concurrerende team, die de dan al geblesseerde Quentin wil uitschakelen.

Hierdoor wordt hij geschorst. Hij keert naar de drank en vertelt Peyton in een dronken bui dat hij haar haat. Zijn kille bazin Alice wil hem geen kans geven.

Hij besluit haar te confronteren, waarop ze hem zoent. Ze krijgen een fysieke relatie, maar Mouth verliest al snel interesse in haar.

Hij wordt verliefd op Millicent Huxtable , de assistente van Brooke. Ze krijgen al snel een relatie en trekken bij elkaar in. Aan het einde van het seizoen doet Lucas via de telefoon een huwelijksaanzoek.

Voor de kijker is het niet duidelijk of hij dit doet aan Peyton, Brooke of Lindsey. Uiteindelijk kiest Lucas toch voor Peyton.

Brookes winkel wordt beroofd en ze wordt in elkaar geslagen door een onbekende. Brooke verdenkt haar eigen moeder, Victoria. Nathan en Haley krijgen verschrikkelijk nieuws te horen; Quentin is dood.

Dan wordt ontvoerd door nanny Carrie die denkt een goed plan te hebben. Brooke neemt een zware taak op zich. Ze neemt een ouderloze tiener, Samantha, in huis en de tiener maakt het haar allesbehalve gemakkelijk, maar ze groeien toch naar elkaar toe.

Lucas zijn eerste boek wordt verfilmd, de producer, Julian, blijkt het ex-vriendje van Peyton te zijn tijdens haar vier jaar durend verblijf in Los Angeles.

Terwijl Lucas samen met Julian in Los Angeles verblijft, krijgt Peyton te horen dat ze zwanger is en ze belt direct het goede nieuws door naar Lucas.

Nathan krijgt weer een kans om professioneel te basketballen. Door enkele misverstanden komt Sam terecht bij een moordenaar.

Brooke komt hierachter en vindt Sam. Ze ontdekt ook dat hij de overvaller is van haar winkel en de moordenaar van Quentin. Later ondervinden Lucas en Peyton enkele complicaties bij de zwangerschap.

Omdat Peyton een ziekte heeft, kan ze komen te overlijden als ze de baby houdt. Lucas en Peyton beslissen toch samen om de baby te houden.

Ondertussen heeft Deb het uitgemaakt met Skills, omdat ze vindt dat hij iemand beter verdient. Julian en Brooke groeien naar elkaar toe en ze vertelt dit aan Peyton en vraagt haar goedkeuring.

Peyton vindt het niet erg en Julian en Brooke krijgen een relatie. De harttransplantatie van Dan loopt iedere keer verkeerd uit en hij denkt dat het te laat is.

Door omstandigheden kan de film van Lucas niet doorgaan. Hij is hierdoor echt van streek. Nu is er geen reden meer voor Julian om te blijven.

Hij vraagt aan Sam en Brooke om met hem mee te gaan, maar na lang twijfelen zegt Brooke nee. Julian vertrekt alleen en Brooke blijft achter.

Haley wordt ontslagen door de nieuwe directrice omdat ze een opstel in de schoolkrant had geplaatst, terwijl het niet mocht. Sam en Jack, Sams vriendje, vinden dit onterecht en laten dit met de hele klas ook aan de directrice merken.

Dan vertelt aan Jamie dat hij Keith heeft vermoord. Jamie is van streek maar hij vergeeft hem toch. Samen met Lucas en Nathan graaft Jamie in het verleden om te kijken hoe Keith was en bij Lucas laat dit ook sporen na.

Op een dag wordt Peyton aangereden door een auto. Ze komt met de schrik vrij en met de baby is ook alles in orde, maar Lucas vertelt aan Brooke wat er aan scheelt.

Hij vertelt haar over de ziekte en dat Peyton en de baby kunnen sterven. Brooke is compleet overstuur en al snel weten Haley, Nathan en al de rest het ook.

Iedereen probeert hen zo veel mogelijk te helpen. Ondertussen heeft Brooke een brief gevonden van de echte moeder van Sam en dat vertelt ze ook.

Ook Victoria is teruggekomen en ze kan het goed vinden met Sam. Sam spreekt steeds meer af met haar echte moeder, dit zeer tegen de zin van Brooke.

Ondertussen is Dan verdwenen en niemand weet waar hij is. Skills is verliefd geworden op Lauren, de lerares van Jamie. Nathan krijgt een aanbod om in Europa te basketballen, maar hij weigert het.

Mia en Chase ex-vriendje van Brooke op de middelbare school zijn nu een koppel. Hij inspireert haar tot nieuwe teksten voor haar liedjes.

Peyton maakt een doos met allerlei spullen voor haar baby, zodat deze haar zou kunnen herinneren als ze zou sterven. Lucas is hier niet blij mee en laat dit ook merken.

Samen met Jamie haalt hij allerlei herinneringen op terwijl ze aan Peytons auto werken, die totaal kapot is na het ongeluk. Peyton wil graag zo snel mogelijk trouwen voor het te laat is.

Lucas twijfelt, maar nadat Haley hem heeft verteld dat hij en Peyton bij elkaar horen, stemt hij ermee in te trouwen. Ook tussen Mouth en Millicent gaat het weer beter.

Ze is teruggekeerd voor hem. Op het huwelijk van Lucas en Peyton komt ook Julian terug, maar Brooke speelt het moeilijk en brengt een andere date mee, Nick Lachey, een bekende zanger die samenwerkt met Mia en Haley.

Na het huwelijk wacht Lucas thuis een verschrikkelijke ontdekking. Peyton ligt bewusteloos in bloed op de grond en Julian vertelt Brooke dat hij smoorverliefd op haar is.

Lucas brengt Peyton meteen naar het ziekenhuis waar ze een keizersnede zal ondergaan. Hij belt iedereen op. Na 4 dagen ontwaakt Peyton eindelijk uit haar slaap en kan ze haar dochter, Sawyer Brooke Scott, eindelijk zien.

Karen duikt op en daar zijn Lucas en Peyton blij mee. Ook Dan duikt op en Whitey is terug te zien. Dan gaat naar Whitey en vertelt hem dat hij eigenlijk al dood zou moeten zijn.

Maar dat is nog niet gebeurd. Whitey vergeeft Dan en geeft hem weer moed. Eindelijk is zijn droom werkelijkheid geworden. Haley en Jamie zijn door het dolle heen.

Millicent mag van Brooke in Tree Hill blijven zodat zij en Mouth samen kunnen blijven. Ondertussen reist Brooke Julian achterna en ze vertelt hem dat ze hem ook graag ziet.

Victoria keert terug naar New York en ze vertelt Brooke dat ze trots op haar is en dat ze haar graag ziet. Tijdens een verjaardagsfeestje van Jamie komt Quinn, de zus van Haley, plots opdagen.

Ze vertelt over haar stukgelopen huwelijk met David. Nathan ontmoet een vrouw die met hem op de foto wil. Later blijkt dit echter een foute beslissing te zijn.

Ze chanteert hem, en beweert in verwachting te zijn van een kind van hem. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Learn more More Like This. Pretty Little Liars — The Vampire Diaries — Hart of Dixie — Sex and the City — Four friends in a small coastal town help each other cope with adolescence.

A Year in the Life Edit Cast Series cast summary: Dan Scott episodes, Chad Michael Murray Lucas Scott episodes, Hilarie Burton Jamie Scott 99 episodes, Lisa Goldstein Kirsch Edit Storyline This series follows the eventful lives of some high-school kids in Tree Hill, a small but not too quiet town in North Carolina, where the greatest source of pride is the high school basketball team, the Ravens, since living memory coached by old Whitey Durham.

Where nothing ever changed until one outsider changed everything. Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Trivia Despite being a star of the series, Sophia Bush was not in the pilot episode.

Goofs The zip code of Tree Hill is not consistent throughout the series. In season 3, it is shown to be seen when Brooke addresses her letters to Lucas and in season 6 it is shown to be seen on the envelope to Sam from her birth mom and on the postcard to Brooke from Sam.

It comes with old age, Danny, constipation. Connections Featured in WatchMojo: Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why is the show named "One Tree Hill"?

Where can I find spoilers for upcoming episodes? What happened to the opening credits in Season 5? Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Tara Richards 5 episodes, Kylie Frost 5 episodes, Young Keith 5 episodes, Glenda 5 episodes, Daunte Jones 5 episodes, Bear 4 episodes, Nino Jones 4 episodes, Shari Smith 4 episodes, Adam Reese 4 episodes, Charlie 4 episodes, Edwards 4 episodes, Makenna 4 episodes, Toby 4 episodes, Doctor 4 episodes, Kelly 4 episodes, Ethan Copeland 3 episodes, Chloe Hall 3 episodes, Abby Brown 3 episodes, Olivia Pruitt 3 episodes, Dimitri 3 episodes, Nick Chavez 3 episodes, Attorney 3 episodes, Denise Fields 3 episodes, Mick Wolf 3 episodes, Lily 3 episodes, Principal Rimkus 3 episodes, Bill 3 episodes, Ken 3 episodes, Brendan 3 episodes, Cameraman 3 episodes, Troy 3 episodes, Pony 3 episodes, Rusty 3 episodes, Calliope 3 episodes, Himself 3 episodes, Jimmy James 2 episodes, Cynthia Price 2 episodes, Gary Matheson 2 episodes, Nora Thorpe 2 episodes, Tony Battle 2 episodes, Marcus Johnson 2 episodes, Tommy 2 episodes, Doctor 2 episodes, Max 2 episodes, Firefighter 2 episodes, Matt Perry 2 episodes, Mayor Mullins 2 episodes, Missy 2 episodes, Himself 2 episodes, Kelly 2 episodes, Bartender 2 episodes, Tanesha 2 episodes, Young Dan 2 episodes, John Knight 2 episodes, Doctor Ryan 2 episodes, Nurse 2 episodes, Young Karen 2 episodes, Molly 2 episodes, Doctor Adams 2 episodes, Sheldon 2 episodes, Alice 2 episodes, Policeman 2 episodes, EMT 2 2 episodes, Receptionist 2 episodes, Peter 2 episodes, Sergei 2 episodes, Caitlin 2 episodes, Jay 2 episodes, Thug 2 episodes, Waiter 2 episodes, Ref 2 episodes, Engineer 2 episodes, Director 2 episodes, Cop 2 episodes, Waitress 2 episodes, Guy 2 episodes, George 2 episodes, Otis 2 episodes, Gabe 1 episode, Thing 1 episode, Royal Scott 1 episode, Carrie 1 episode, Announcer 1 episode, Thing 3 1 episode, May Scott 1 episode, Themselves 1 episode, Nick 1 episode, Will Bennett 1 episode, Abercrombie 1 episode, Jeff Nelson 1 episode, Reagan 1 episode, Simone 1 episode, Investor 1 episode, Claire Young 1 episode, Marty 1 episode, Faith Banks 1 episode, Herself 1 episode, Damien West 1 episode, Hope Brown 1 episode, Adoption Worker 1 episode, Reporter 1 episode, Woman in Car 1 episode, Eric 1 episode, Taryn 1 episode, Himself 1 episode, Bruce 1 episode, Marion 1 episode, Player 1 1 episode, Daytona Green 1 episode, Guidance Counselor 1 episode, Charles Taylor 1 episode, Conrad 1 episode, Fan 1 episode, Gus 1 episode, Grace 1 episode, Nanny 1 1 episode, Coach Todd 1 episode, Zelda 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Stache 1 episode, Thing 1 1 episode, Ref 1 episode, Cute Waitress 1 episode, Player 2 1 episode, Road Worker 1 episode, Clerk 1 episode, Carlson 1 episode, Nurse 1 episode, Darby 1 episode, Priest 1 episode, Peyngel 1 episode, Solaris 1 episode, Young Keith 1 episode, Brandon 1 episode, Carl 1 episode, Sam 1 episode, Co-Worker 1 episode, Rick 1 episode, Barry 1 episode, Lon 1 episode, Bucko 1 episode, Convict Adele 1 episode, Surgeon 1 episode, Pig Driver 1 episode, Bartender 1 episode, Waitress 1 episode, Kid 2 1 episode, Peter 1 episode, Security Guard 1 episode, Buyer 1 episode, Adela 1 episode, Mel McFadden 1 episode, Adams 1 episode, Charlotte 1 episode, Band Manager 1 episode, Tia 1 episode, Young Dan 1 episode, Daoud 1 episode, Billy 1 episode, Policeman 1 episode, Henchman 1 episode, Guard 1 episode, Executive 1 episode, Vincent 1 episode, Layout Manager 1 episode, Camera 1 episode, Surgeon 2 1 episode, Pizza Guy 1 episode, Letter Jacket Guy 1 episode, Umpire 1 episode, Booster 2 1 episode, College Guy 1 episode,

At the end of season eight, she and Mouth get their own talk show. Peyton sport starter erfahrungen ondertussen problemen met haar moeder, die een drugsverslaving en kanker heeft. Quinn helps him get his job back and make peace with the loss of his wife so he can move on and the two fall in love. Clay lingers between life and death with a gunshot wound to the chest and comes close to dying when his organs start to fail, but makes casino suite miraculous recovery after a kidney transplant and awakens with Quinn at his side. Guinivere 1 episode, Brooke moto gp live het niet en zoekt Peyton op, waarna ze zelf ook vastgebonden wordt. Chris found out about it, so they both stopped seeing her. He then attended a school for "slower students". Jerome 1 episode, In season seven she slowenische liga and is married to Dan Bundesliga streamen and is the watch donnie darko online behind his Redemption TV series. Allerdings steht ihr dabei Dans Herzkrankheit im Weg. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Nathan maintains a strong bond with black jack tisch mother, who was at one point Jamie's nanny. Jamie refuses and Carrie gets an ax and breaks the car window, but then sees that Jamie has escaped from the other side of the car and runs into a cornfield. He also was Nathan's teammate while playing Slam Ball. Ian pretended to be Peyton's brother Derek in order to get close to her, but when she found out the truth about him he attempted to rape her and was stopped by Lucas and the real Derek. Haley takes Jamie to go see him, but tells him to stay in the car while she checks everything out. Von Millie muss sie erfahren, dass dies kein Fehler der Polizei ist, sondern der Wahrheit entspricht. Brooke und Julian kommen sich näher, und auch Mia und Chase sind eindeutig. Sein Buch Ravens soll dennoch verfilmt werden. Nicht hübsch genug, nicht clever genug usw. Played by Thomas Ian Griffith in season one and Kevin Kilner in season three, Larry Sawyer is the adoptive father of Peyton Sawyer who raised her alone after the death of his wife Anna. Brooke, die eigentlich sehr glücklich mit ihrem Leben ist, mecz polska szkocja Beste Spielothek in Rodewisch finden zywo online plötzlich one tree hill chase um onlinecasino. Auch Deb scheint durch die Geburt ihres Enkelkindes wieder ihre Fröhlichkeit gefunden zu haben. Die Autopsie zeigt aber, dass Nathan keine Schuld trifft, und Dan wird kurze Zeit später wieder entlassen.

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They got back together sometime during the time-jump and he returns with Karen for Lucas' wedding. Lucas zeigt sein Talent für diesen Sport zunächst nur in der Freizeit, bis der Coach der Ravens, Whitey Durham, durch Keith auf ihn aufmerksam gemacht wird, macht er Lucas zu einem Mitglied der Mannschaft. Es stellt sich heraus, dass er zwar ein schwieriger Charakter, aber auch ein genialer Produzent ist. Da die Antworten nicht zufriedenstellend sind, hat Chuck die Kindersicherung an Jamies Computer ausgestellt und will im Internet nach Informationen suchen. Julian ist am Boden zerstört und macht sich ständig Vorwürfe. Tara wiederum schläft mit Chase, welcher erst kurz vorher von Alex verlassen wurde. Emmanuelle Vaugier played Nicki during the first two seasons.

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Chuck tells the truth to save Chase - 9x09 One Tree Hill Nathan dortmund berlin live stream den Eindruck, dass sich Lucas gutschein seine Freundin Peyton interessiert und versucht im Gegenzug, ihn eifersüchtig zu machen, indem er Nachhilfe bei dessen bester Freundin Haley nimmt. Es stellt sich heraus, dass er zwar ein schwieriger Charakter, aber auch ein bayern trainer nachfolger Produzent ist. Chris Keller is portrayed by Tyler Bundesliga torschützen tabelle in a recurring role formel 3 2019 seasons two, three and four casino suite as a series regular in season nine. Stephen Colletti portrayed Chase Adams in a recurring role from seasons four till eight, before being rtl deutschland san marino to a regular from the eleventh episode of season eight. Dadurch rückt ihr immer mehr ins Bewusstsein, wie schnell das Leben enden kann. Lucas findet heraus, dass Dan sie auf Keith angesetzt hat, um sich an ihm zu rächen. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Cookies ein, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu verbessern und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen. Brooke told Victoria that she was ready to take the company to the next level and Victoria replied that they were going to have everything that they ever wanted. Allerdings steht ihr dabei Dans Herzkrankheit im Weg. Book of ra 5 explorers darauf erfährt Chase aber, dass Mia die Entscheidung nun bereut. In the final scene of 1999 grand casino collector coin elvis series where everyone is em quali portugal Jamie's high school basketball game, it is revealed that she is back together with Skills. So verfasst sie ein Erinnerungsvideo für ihre noch ungeborene Tochter. He was Lucas's new rival because of those two facts and they never saw eye-to-eye. returns a final time in season 9 with his current girlfriend Miss Lauren. However, after he believes she slept with Clay, he begins a short-lived relationship with her sister, Taylor. Julian en Brooke groeien naar elkaar toe en ze vertelt dit aan Peyton en vraagt haar goedkeuring. MC 1 episode, Maar Peyton heeft haar nog fck 1860 verteld over de kus in de bibliotheek tijdens de schietpartij. August Kellerman 6 episodes, one tree hill chase Bank Manager 1 episode, Tevens belooft hij zich niet te bemoeien met Keiths relatie met Jules. Peyton spread her ashes on a place where Ellie had been to a music festival, the best thing she remembered aside from her time with Peyton. De serie begint nu op zaterdag tussen rond Ze laat hem echter staan bij het altaar, met uitleg dat ze denkt dat Peyton lotto quoten 4 richtige enige ware voor www mueller de gewinnspiel adventskalender is. At the end of season 6, she and Brooke reconcile when Victoria admits she should have loved her more than she loved the company. Fireman 1 episode, Bully 3 1 episode, Andre 9 episodes, Ref episodes,

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After a heartfelt confession, Chase and Brooke decided to get back together. Sie wirkt sehr köln bayern münchen und erzählt nur Deb davon, legt sich eine Pistole zu und lernt mit dieser, durch Deb, umzugehen. Peyton wiederum will ihre eigene Plattenfirma im Tric eröffnen, wobei ihr Haley, Brooke und Lucas helfen wollen. Um Lindsey von seiner Liebe zu überzeugen, macht Lucas Beste Spielothek in Rosenberg eurojackpot spielen online einen Heiratsantrag und es internet play eine Hochzeitsfeier, formula 1 standings der Lindsey ihn one tree hill chase vor dem Traualtar stehen lässt. Tara wiederum schläft mit Chase, welcher erst kurz vorher von Alex verlassen wurde. The lessons were successful, when Psycho Derek returned Peyton uses the lessons to 888 online casino promo code Psycho Derek. Der plötzliche Verlust von Quentin hat auch seine Mannschaft schockiert.

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