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Catching flies… in his mouth… tasting freedom… No one has an entrance quite as mesmerizing as Bray Wyatt and no one could possibly replicate the way he has captivated the WWE Universe with his soothing voice and the hypnotic sway of his lantern in the darkness as he makes his way to the ring.

It really means a lot to fans when there are animations that replicate the camera work and presentation of the WWE. Even though his group known as the Wyatt Family has been disbanded for a while now, 2K was nice enough to leave in a small detailed that really makes it all worth it.

When picking Bray Wyatt in a match, the player can assign all three former members of his stable and see a unique cutscene during the game.

The wrestlers that are assigned are Braun Strowman, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan, and should the player who is facing Wyatt try to leave the arena, they will be greeted with this sinister cutscene where the Wyatt Family members will just stand in unison as they give their intimidating looks to the enemy.

Want to access the special Wrestlemania 34 stage? Well, you will be sadly disappointed as it is only available in MyCareer mode and is not an exact replica of the stage but rather a generic stage with the graphics that make it look like the recent Wrestlemania that just occurred in New Orleans.

Unfortunately for fans, it is as close as it is going to get when it comes to getting the stage in the game but it is definitely a neat addition for the people that like MyCareer mode.

To access it, the player must play MyCareer mode all the way to the Wrestlemania pay-per-view and should get the new arena if the game is updated correctly.

It is a shame that the stage is not in the main game for people to pick it when it comes to the exhibitions and MyUniverse modes but perhaps it is a sign of things to come when it relates to seeing a plethora of updates as the time goes on.

To those who are upset that it is not in the main game, they should realize that we are only a few years removed from the era in which that WWE games just simply did not get updates.

Have you ever dreamed of having your WWE character win the tag team championships on their own? Well with this glitch, you can make that happen with ease.

This is a unique case of a glitch being very useful to fans and not detrimental to the game developers but rather, a rare opportunity where the community finds ways to make it more enjoyable.

This makes it the only real way to put the championships on one person and it is a truly unique way to have a character defend the title.

Sure, you have to delete a character but that it is not too hard If you just have an extra slot and come on, we all do.

The amount of stories that can be told with this kind of glitch is infinite and most fantasy bookers would salivate at this kind of in-game customization that allows for them to make matches, and this is a brand new way to make their digital promotions stand out.

When it comes to masked luchadors, look no further than the iconic Rey Mysterio and his undeniably huge fan base as he goes from country to country as one of the most overwhelmingly popular WWE Superstars of all time.

Fans were not sure if it was real but in-game files have revealed this is indeed a reference to the legend from the Most people will give that kind of compliment to a lot of wrestlers but Rey Mysterio is truly one of the most universally-liked figures as he is popular with kids and wrestling smarks alike and his in-ring style translates worldwide.

When he returned at Royal Rumble , fans were very quick to look for their favorite masked hero in the game and were not disappointed. Despite not being featured as a character or WWE even having the rights to release a game with his likeness, the legends at 2K were nice enough to drop in a small little Easter egg that gives the fans a taste of what is to come.

Speaking of legends, when it comes to gracing the microphone as a commentator for the WWE then look no further than the Oklahoma icon Jim Ross.

For example, if Masked Kane is making his way to the ring, the player might be lucky enough to catch a reference to Jim Ross from Michael Cole and Byron Saxton.

That is why there is such a comforting feeling to knowing that while his commentary is absent from the classic WWE stages, he is still brought up by the commentary team from time to time on rare occasions.

The suplex is a very important part of wrestling when it comes to the business and no one really does them as well or as dominantly as Brock Lesnar.

This is realistically proper and in tune with the actual writing of WWE programming as he is known for brutally countering any maneuver into a massive German suplex!

Sure, he has a plethora of suplexes in his move set when it comes to the basic holds and grabs but it would appear as the developers of the game added a secret ability that has never been advertised or even mentioned.

Unique counters are a very strange subsection of the game that is not mentioned when it comes to the gameplay aspect of the things of the game but Brock Lesnar can actually counter a suplex into another suplex!

That is right, during certain times in games, should the enemy try a German suplex on the Beast Incarnate and should Brock Lesnar reverse during the major reversal stage, then Brock will completely get out of the hold and do a suplex of his own.

The finisher and signature system of WWE 2K18 ensures that the players that are in the game cannot be overpowered and generally rewards the player with options when they need to get ahead in a match.

This means that no one can get the upper hand when it comes to the way that finishers are earned but there is a glitch on one specific move.

The set-up running knee strike from the corner can be used by the character to get a finisher even if the move is countered. Currently, this is the only move that features this glitch but the power of this exploit can be quite daunting in a game as there is no way that the character can ever be done with signatures and finishers.

The move just keeps giving, and while 2K has not said anything about moves with special abilities, one has to wonder just why this move is the one that features this glitch.

Still, this would be a fun way to troll some of your friends when they come over for a match after school if they are not aware of the power of the move.

Cruiserweight wrestling is a staple of the professional wrestling world and WWE has not strayed away from giving some of these wrestlers a spotlight when it comes to the Live crew and cast that grace the purple sets on a weekly basis.

This allows for the player to get an opportunity at the championship with the wrestler of their choice. Basically, the glitch is done by placing the Cruiserweight Champion in a feud with a person of their choice, as the game does not limit the rivalries by weight limit.

While it may seem fairly minuscule in terms of how it can impact the gameplay, some wrestlers like Aleister Black and Tye Dillinger are listed at weights like and pounds, respectively, so this makes it easier to shift some would-be candidates.

This is quite similar to how WWE is handling the Buddy Murphy situation on Live and puts the hard-set rules on hold for the fans to customize their cruiserweight division.

In the WWE there are a ton of rules and as the saying goes.. One of the most loosely enforced rules of all time has been the exiting and entering of over-the-top-rope match types as fans will see heel and face wrestlers exit and enter the ring at their own discretion.

This allows for a new layer of storytelling as it allows the wrestlers to get weapons, prepare for spots or just waste time as other wrestlers take the spotlight in the middle of the ring.

That is why it is frustrating that WWE 2K18 does not feature a method to allow Superstars to get in and out of their ring as they please and instead makes a strict attempt at keeping the competitors in the ring.

However, a new glitch has allowed players to be able to exit the ring and grab weapons for the match. To do this, the player will have to either use Shinsuke Nakamura or equip his apron leg drop move to a character, which will see the Superstar get out of the ring and onto the apron as he will drop his knee on the back of the draped opponent.

After the move is completed, the player can now run around the ring as they please. While this next feature is not exactly a tie-in with the Hardy Boyz it is still a complete and utter deletion of a character and this kind of glitch has never been seen before in any WWE game to date.

Should the player interrupt an entrance while standing in the ring prior to a singles competition and pause the game right as the character is forced to stop the beat down, they can then restart the match.

If done correctly, the player will be left alone in a ring with no one to wrestle around. This is just a fun glitch, but many fans have taken this glitch to make a lot of cool footage for My Universe mode and Create-A-Video.

It is a truly strange sight to see only one person in the ring but most creative fans will take this opportunity to make some awesome content.

This is definitely a strange one when it comes to the actual core mechanics of the game and while it does not drastically affect the outcome of the matches, it is still a unique addition to the game that definitely deserves a mention in terms of secrets.

Normally, the taunts that are in the game will not affect the other characters and are strictly cosmetic means of getting the crowd to pop and receiving some in-game bonuses for it in terms of power-ups and some momentum gain.

It does the slightest bit of damage and even if done ten times would not do the effect of a normal strike, but still, it is a neat little trick that might freak out some people that do not know about it.

Seeing as he is DLC and that the entire series has never featured anything like this, most players will not even be aware of its existence.

It is appropriate that it would go to one of the members of SAnitY, however, as they are the anarchistic group that is known for their alternative means of offense in NXT.

The developers at 2K were very adamant about the attention that was given to the sound design of the game when it was being initially marketed and to a commendable degree, that is the case for the game.

There are quite a few of these, so go try and recreate some of your favorite WWE rivalries and see if the crowd gets into it like they do at actual WWE events!

Sure, there are a few moments where the crowd does not react to the actual action that is going on in the ring but they still react to the important things in the game and that is crucial to keeping the live aesthetic.

Everyone knows how the crowd will chant along with the theme songs of people like Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura, but what most casual players will not know is that certain one on one matches will trigger a new set of vocals from the crowd that have not been mentioned by the developers and is unique to this installment.

Should the player choose two rivals from WWE history like The Rock and Stone Cold or John Cena and Chris Jericho, then the crowd will start dueling chants where they will cheer back and forth for their favorite Superstar.

While they have not made the game yet, Buddy Murphy has made a name for himself as a top contender on Live as of late and that makes it a bit disappointing that they were not included this year.

It just comes across as weird as the animations are listed under a generic name and one has to wonder just why they were not added to the game. Luckily, there is a number of community creations that will take the place of where 2K developers have failed.

Add this with the entrance animation that 2K left in and dedicated fans can get their shot at playing as the two.

Once again, it must be noted that this is not exactly a bad secret but it just leaves so much to the imagination when it comes to just why the pair was not added in.

Many casual fans are probably aware that some characters have two finishers, and that they can be activated as either alternate ones or as usable finishers for different situations and positions.

However, what a lot of casual fans probably do not know is the fact that the Second Finisher ability was supposed to be a little more widely used as opposed to how only a handful of Superstars having it.

The evidence of this is that there are numerous Superstars that have unassigned secondary finishers. The list goes on and on with people like Bayley, Kalisto, Nikki Cross, and Big Cass, as they have a plethora of finishers that cannot be used unless the player decides to edit their abilities and skills to allow them to have a second finisher.

This is definitely a unique entry on this list in which the secret is not exactly hidden, but is hidden to WWE fans that have not played the game.

See, the game features some ring post videos that can be accessed and used as a customizable option in Create-An-Arena that are completely unused by the real programming of WWE.

Use this little tidbit of information to find truly unique ways to customize arenas that WWE has not taken advantage of. This is strange as they look fairly complete and realistic like the one that is featured above that reads WWE Network.

One has to wonder if these were spare videos and images that were used by 2K for the sake of inclusion for fans but it is still another obscure addition that just seems odd.

Whether it is a secret video that was never used for a pay-per-view that 2K dug up or a brand new one that 2K made for the sake of adding more options to the game, we are glad it is here as a secret that only the dedicated community creators would find in their spare time.

At least not yet, as these could also serve as preambles for unused stage construction that we will see someday.

As covered in this list before, there is a secret entrance that is specific to the real-life couple of Rusev and Lana. Seeing as the two were split up in late , it seems a bit weird that it would still be included but as always, this secret makes the game that much more playable.

Even though it would be a little more appropriate to have a special entrance included with DLC for Aiden English to come out and do the Rusev Day speech, it is just as entertaining.

Should the player decide to pick Rusev as a character and Lana as a manager, they will be given a very special introduction where the Ravishing Russian introduces the Bulgarian brute with a lovely speech about how dominant her husband is.

It is definitely a refreshing way to see him enter and adds another level to the details that 2K presented with this title.

It is just a wonder why they are not listed as a stable or better yet, the entrance added as a normal one in the create-an-entrance menu.

There are ways to glitch it and replace Lana with someone else but it just is not the same thing as you will see it looks quite strange on any male character.

Seeing as the two were split up in late it seems a bit weird that it would still be included but as always, this secret makes the game that much more playable.

This was also featured in one of our recent lists on WWE 2K18 but this one begs to be talked about again and again. Now that it has come into the conversation, NXT and KFC now officially stand for nothing in their acronyms, which is another unique trait that only these two companies share.

In fact, WWE would go on to use this concept for an actual house show match in which Ric Flair took home the win, technically being his last in-ring victory.

Say what you will about the Nature Boy, but he knows how to go out in style and apparently, so do the people at 2K.

Specifically, the women like Asuka and Charlotte, but even some of the old WWE Superstars like Lita and Chyna were infamous for getting in the ring with men and even blazed a trail for a lot of wrestlers after them.

Now we can finally see this Asuka vs. Brock Lesnar match we have all secretly been wanting to see. If one wanted to do this kind of match, then the simple way to do this would be to save a downloaded female to a roster and have the download replace a male that is in a match on Universe mode.

If done successfully and 2K has not patched it yet , then the player should be able to put on a regular old guy vs. Some would say that it is not appropriate in this day and age but seeing as it was fairly accepted a few years ago in the WWE and the fact that other places like Lucha Underground do not have a problem pitting their women against their men, it is not too unacceptable.

Brock Lesnar match we have all secretly been wanting to see although not as much, since her streak ended and we cannot do Streak vs.

The holiday-themed commentary is always a neat treat and every year they add in more special lines of dialogue for matches on special occasions with the variety getting larger by the installation.

This year they seemed to add in a couple of brand new ones with the Chinese New Year, but do not forget the classics like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, St.

For those of you wanting to hear these lines of dialogue, you will have to be in Universe Mode and be in the corresponding date to the holiday and have it on Raw or Smackdown, as they will have specially themed graphics to go along with the broadcast as well.

It might not be a secret, but these events can unlock neat little lines of dialogue that would not be heard on any other day, making them quite rare for the average player to hear.

Just make sure that you remember to always celebrate Rusev Day, which is every day and should make an appearance in WWE 2K19 as a complete mode of its own.

It is truly an art form, and now it seems the very notion of wrestling professionally has been replicated for the digital space.

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